Do not find a React.memo() component#

When using Element#find() (and variants) or Element#query(), you may run into an issue where the component reference you're trying to find is not found. This is usually caused by component references that are wrapped in React.memo(), as memo components do not appear in the reconciled tree, and as such, cannot be found!

To work around this, the component that is being wrapped by React.memo() is the one that should be used, not the memoized component. A typical pattern in HOCs is to provide the wrapped component as a static property, like Foo.WrappedComponent, which can also be used.

import React from 'react';
import { render } from 'rut-dom';
function BaseComp() {
return <div />;
const MemoComp = React.memo(BaseComp);
const { root } = render(
<MemoComp />
// Wrong
// Correct

String interpolation must match for toContainNode()#

When an element uses interpolation within its children, and you're attempting to find a node using an element (and not a string), the expectation must also use interpolation. For example, take this component that renders a user's name, and some assertions checking for a node.

function User({ firstName, lastName }: { firstName: string; lastName: string }) {
return (
{user.firstName} {user.lastName}
const { root } = render(<User firstName="Bruce" lastName="Wayne" />);
// Works
expect(root).toContainNode('Bruce Wayne');
// Does not work???
expect(root).toContainNode(<h1>Bruce Wayne</h1>);

The reason the latter doesn't work is because of how React's internals work. When interpolation is used, the children prop becomes an array, resulting in the rendered children to be ['Bruce', ' ', 'Wayne'], while the expectation's children is simply 'Bruce Wayne'. These do not match! To fix this, the expectation must also use matching interpolations.

// Works
{'Bruce'} {'Wayne'}

When in doubt, just use strings!